Small Groups

Our desire is for everyone to experience real change in their lives as they are transformed more into the image of Jesus Christ. We believe that one of the primary means by which we experience change is through the relationship we have with other people—people who encourage us, challenge us, love us, hold us accountable, walk with us through struggles, and generally live life with us.

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Types of Groups

Home Groups & Community Groups

Home groups meet during the week at various homes and some meet at the church. They are a comfortable environment to build relationships and grow personally. Each group is a little different, but a typical small group meets weekly for fellowship, prayer and Bible (or book) study. Some groups share a meal together as well.

Day / Time / Starting Date Leaders Study
Sunday / 5:30PM / TBA Chris Dolan, Dave Reeb TBA
Sunday / 6:00PM / Sept.22 Dick/Jeanette Hamilton, Judy Sandoval Thessalonians
Monday / 10:00AM (this group is currently full with 18 members) Don Ward 2nd Corinthians
Monday / 7:00PM / TBA Bob and Nancy Laughland TBA
Tuesday / 7:00PM / TBA Terry Dischinger, Mary Nelson, Eloise Cole Life Lessons from the Old Testament
Tuesday / 7:00PM / Sept.10 Moir and Sudge Budden James
Thursday / 7:00PM / Sept.12 Earl Wilson, Ken Lewis, Tom Kramer TBA

Community groups meet before the Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m., before the worship service.

Name Room Leader Topic
Sojourners 27 Gary Beyer, Phyllis Nguyen Various
Ambassadors Family Fireside Room Don Ward, Earl Wilson, Tom Kramer Elijah/Elisha
Rooted Room and Start date TBD Gregg Borror "Rooted Study"

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