We have three parking lots, so if you cannot park in the main lot there is usually room somewhere close. Our site map will help:

Mountain Perk Café

Come in and find a spot in the MPCafé for a coffee before the service and meet some of the nicest people in Portland.

Worship Service

Our worship services start at 11:00 am on Sunday mornings and usually run until 12:15.


Our worship services are casual and we try to keep them comfortable, so come as you are - unless you're in your pajamas...


Our music is a mix of jazz, gospel and soft rock with an amazing group of instrumentalists and singers who love to express their worship


Our sermon time is focused on how life really works as we understand it from a biblical perspective, you can listen to recent sermons here:


Our Kids Ministry is in the main building with our great staff and something every Sunday morning for Nursery through Middle School.